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Track time

  Accord Tourer 2.2
The 100db noise limit, how loud is that exactly? I've got the quieter of the K-Tec exhausts and a KTR style IK. Do you reckon that'll pass still?


South Central-South Coast
ClioSport Area Rep
Go steady on the first few laps and dont crash at quarry or camp ;)

Theres a few track guides floating around for Combe, i read quite a few of them before, they helped with the braking points.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
And tips or hints for the track or just in general for going on track?

Coming out of pits first thing you get to is avon rise, try and avoid breaking as you are on it, ideally you brake only after it, but realistically most people need to brake before, so brake slightly and release then go over the rise then brake again

Quarry just turn in late and nice and slow, if you are a bit too slow it doesnt really matter as you can just get back on the power sooner, most accidents here happen when people turn in too soon and too fast and run out of space on the way out. THIS IS THE MOST CRASHED ON CORNER ON ANY UK TRACK

First chicane is pretty tight, make sure you braking is done well before you are into it, and turn in relatively shallow so you are ready for left half of it.

If you are in a 1*2 in decent condition suspension wise and standard sort of power, then the right after the first chicane is flat and you dont even need to get quiet onto the proper racing line to do so, just come over to the left a bit and then you should be able to go full throttle through it no problem, dont panic if you wash wide slightly, it looks like grass but the first foot or two is actually concrete with grass through it and still can be used if you have to.
The left after that is flat no matter what line you take, its a corner you could do 20mph quicker than a normal 1*2 will get to, even in my turbo I only have to back off a touch not break.

Tower is slightly off camber so be a little careful, but its quite a high speed corner, again better to turn in later and slower if in doubt

Second chicane if you go in too hot you will run wide on the way out, if that happens just relax and dont do anything drastic on the grass, just back off and give gentle steering input, there is a lot of runoff and plenty of time to get the car back under control, so making a mistake here isnt the end of the world

Camp looks tighter than it is, you can actually carry huge speed around it, BUT start slower and build up as if you run right off the track here you are going to hit the barrier HARD as you are doing 80mph or so.

And then folly is just a little tiny kink on the straight, if you have under 300bhp you wont even notice its a corner unless its very wet and greasy

Have fun, but Combe needs to be treated with respect, and the idiots out at FCS need to be treated like such, dont go expecting them all to be good drivers so give them plenty of space.


Camp is great fun if you are really committed :)

  Accord Tourer 2.2
Cheers for the advice on Castle Combe, loved my track time yesterday, even though it was only 15mins :(

Got the bug for it now, so going to start doing track days next year hopefully :)
  Accord Tourer 2.2
Their very addictive aren't they.
Definitely, i knew it was going to be. Going to hopefully start doing them properly next year now, once this years RC car season is over as it's my current hobby, but getting bored of it now.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Cheers for the advice on Castle Combe, loved my track time yesterday, even though it was only 15mins :(

Got the bug for it now, so going to start doing track days next year hopefully :)
Glad you had a good time mate and I hope my few tips were useful :)