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Trackday insurance

  Titanium 182 w/ cup packs
Hi folks! Just a quick question. How much is a single days track day insurance and who do you get from? Seeing the clio cups at RWS makes me want to have a go!

Cheers Matt


ClioSport Club Member
Lots of us don't bother, as technically you're safer on track than you are in the morning motorway rush hour - at least on track everyone's paying attention and focussed on driving.

I enquired when I started out, and for £10,000 cover, it was £150 for the day, with a £1,500 excess. If I'd paid that each time I'd been out I'd be about £4,000 poorer now.

Also, you'd need to run out of talent in a big way to do £2,000 of damage, which is what you'd need to do as a minimum to make claiming on the insurance worthwhile.

The odd spin or connecting with tyre walls can usually be remedied for not too much money.