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Trafic Light Grans Prix

I need help and I am looking in the direction of the drag strip runners.

I cant get the 172s power down from a standing start. the car bounces on its front tyres for about one-two seconds then starts going. I am getting beaten by cars with a lot less power than mine.

Any ideas?

The car is not lowered and still has the conti-sports on.

That might be the traction control, or youre just slipping the clutch all in one go with too many revs!

Try slipping the clutch from different revs to see what the difference is in this effect.

The thing to do is just practice, just remember when you get that clutch burning smell that practice is over for a bit!

I didnt realise they dont have TC, must be down to you being naughty then!
  320d M Sport

Paul, I posted the same thing not long after getting mine!!! I found best way was to Granny start so youre rolling then nail the b!tch... either that or try to balance wheelspin/movement with the gas....
  BMW 320d Sport

I normally wouldnt recommend this technique for a fast launch but on a 172 it seems to give a consistent (if not that fast!) start - let it idle, go off the line as if it was your driving test then as soon as youre rolling floor it. Majority of cars will bog down with this sort of thing, the classic quarter miling method is to launch over the first 60ft just on the verge of breaking into wheelspin. If you hear a quick chirp from the tyres as you go, youve got it just right.

Eg. on a 16v, hold at around 5000-6000 revs, on the light let the clutch out smooth as you can to keep the revs up and the tyres from spinning. Let it out too quick and you wheelspin. Let it out too slow and not enough throttle and it will bog down and youre out of the power band. You want it so that as soon as the clutch is fully out and the throttle nailed, youre already in the middle of the power band and looking to snatch the next cog in a couple of seconds.

Book one page one stuff! Practice makes perfect

The latter model 172s now come with traction control .. theres a little ASC or ATC button down on the right hand side beside the dash light dimmer!
  CTR EK9 turbo

I sometimes have this problem with bogging down. When i first had my car i got toasted off the lights by a VTS when i really really badly bogged off the lights! he went on orange and i was there trying to avoid my car from stalling! -the shame- Now im kinda used to setting off quickly. Every time theres usually a fair bit of wheelspin or chirp chirp chirp, banging or something where the wheels seem to bounce. I cant really say what i do really - it seems to be different every time. OK, im at the lights, lights are red - revs are raised to 2,500 or 3,000 ish clutch is slowly brought just beneath where the biting point is (quite high on mine now :( ) left hand on handbrake up slightly (with button pressed) to avoid car rolling forward or backward lights hit green and its slip the clutch quite a bit or wheelspin (depends on the road slipperyness), if its dry a very small bit of wheelspin is better than a clutch slip id have thought as most drivers prefer to have the car going without worrying about slipping the clutch off the line and they off into flooring it and changing gear etc. Besides, clutches are more expensive to replace than tyres, although if youre going to race off the lights then all ya components are going to take a beating if you want to do it properly.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Ive found the best launch method in the dry is to hold the revs at about 3000rpm and pretty rapidly but not too rapidly let the clutch out. The tyres should spin ever so slightly and then find grip and once that happens I floor it, then all the way to 7200rpm and change up, popping the clutch so the tyres lose grip for a fraction of a second again. By this stage the other car is far behind