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For those members coming on Sunday...

Tickets arrived with me over the weekend, so I am sending the majority out today. For those that have asked for tickets last minute I still haven't received any payment or emails with details - it doesn't help me as I'm now having to chase people, please get info and money to me asap...and let me know when you have - preferably by 5pm today!

To those that haven't paid full stop, you have until 5pm tonight to confirm whether you still wish to attend. If not then your tickets will be passed onto other members. Time is getting short and I need to send out the tickets by tomorrow at the latest!!

I have 3 spare sprint tickets if anyone is interested. They will be available on a first come first served basis on the day from the club marquee and cost £7 each.


Arrival Time:
This has changed for 2007. The show now opens to club vehicles at 6:15am and the public at 9am. Traffic does build up quickly on the surrounding roads, so aim to get there as close to 6:15am as you can.

TRAX have a NO PASS – NO ENTRY policy, so remember to bring everything with you. Please ensure the vehicle passes are clearly visible in your windscreen to allow marshals to direct you to the stand area. Extra entrance tickets may be bought on the gate for £20 each. Under 14’s are free.

Pre-booked Tracktime (and 0-60 Sprints):
Remember to bring your driving licence and a crash helmet. Arms and legs need to be covered so make sure you have appropriate clothing with you and they require lights to be taped up, so also have a roll of tape handy.

And finally...Don’t forget to come to the ClioSport marquee, meet the Admin team and get your members free goodie bag with the green voucher you'll receive with your tickets!! :D

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okey dokey, so it's a case of just meeting inside the event, rather than somewhere outside beforehand?


ClioSport Admin
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okey dokey, so it's a case of just meeting inside the event, rather than somewhere outside beforehand?
That's right, upon entering the event you will be directed to the CS stand.
There may be convoys from various areas - just a case of keeping your eyes peeled for any convoys/early more meet ups.
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Most of you should have your tickets today.

A few of you late comers will get your tickets tomorrow...

Rich - I don't know the plan unfortunately, I don't think I've ever been sent one in advance for TRAX, but I'll give Verity a ring and see if they have one yet.
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I'm offline now.

If anyone needs anything then call the ClioSport mobile, you should all have the number.

Otherwise see you all bright an early in the morning!! :D
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I was getting an early night lol. See you there - looking forward to my cross Cotswolds run.