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Trax Layout inside


  RS2'ed 172 Cup

Am I right in thinking we are stuck out on the grass bank in the back end if beyond?

With the Hill Billy Owners club to?
Click to enlarge, as I said above at least it's good for track viewing but not exactly central.
New SilvGP Circuit NamesW.jpg
  182 Cup/Mk5 Gti
Agreed good for track viewing but for how big cliosport is you would expect that they would of gave us a more central (main) location.
For those with tracktime that don't know, sign on/briefing is in the Brooklands suite located near Brooklands corner. Look for the BRDC grandstand near what was the last corner/complex before the old pit area.
Oh god - every club seems to get stuck there at least once. It's awful

It's high up, windy, dusty. PGAC had it one year, then PSOOC, 106owners have had it - I think they hand it around to one club per year because no-one wants it :(