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Tricolore trophy 2021

bob the builder

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
So first race of the season and was so looking forward to getting back onto the grid.
found a bit more power over the winter so was really hoping that i can now close the gap and hopefully go for some wins.

Well it was a damp start to the day but the track was mainly dry for qually. with such a full track it was hard to find a clear lap and even harder to get my confidence back to push hard , but managed to get 8th on the grid.

things stayed dry for race one and a good start saw me gain a few places but after a car had a big off the race was red flagged and we relined back up in start formation.
got another good start and made up more places than the first start which was a bonus. while keeping touch with the leaders while coming into the hairpin they slowed up more than i expected which ment i had to take avoiding action and take to the grass but still managed to make the corner.
kept pushing and after another car dropped out it put me upto 2nd overall but unable to catch first place so that is where i finished

race 1

just before we went to the holding area for race 2 the heavens opened and things got wet , but being a bit lazy i decided to stay on my normal dry tyres.
got a ok start but after about 100yrds i couldnt see my bonnet yet alone anyone else so kept it very carefull which lost me some places but still on the track in one peice.
after a few laps visability got better which ment i could start to push and find my rytham.
even after a big sideways moment round gerrards i began to enjoy it, ended up 6th overall and 5th in class so really happy and a good start to the season.
next up oulton park in june so praying for a dry track

race 2

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Looks like a really good racing series. What's the entry car requirements for it?

I bet you had a bit of a twitchy arse around 5mins in on the first video! Well saved though.

bob the builder

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
Looks like a really good racing series. What's the entry car requirements for it?

I bet you had a bit of a twitchy arse around 5mins in on the first video! Well saved though.
Check out , track attack race club website for all the info.
There is 3 different groups. Class a , fully modified
Class e which is standard engine but modified rest.
Class f which is production class no mods
Great friendly club.
Yes was a bit of a brown pants moment but was laughing after.

bob the builder

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
so this weekend we were at oulton park which is one of my favourite tracks
so off out for qually and after a couple of laps i started to push but a little too soon as span it and wiped out some red and with plastic barriers.
kept the car going and set of again but as i wasnt sure if there was any serious damaged i took it easy for a few laps then got a reasonable lap in and came in.
a quick inspection and all was fine apart from a small dent on the rear wheel arch.
ended up 8th overall so not too bad.

race 1:
got a great start up into about p6 keeping the leaders insight. after some hard driving trying to close the gap and only a couple of laps till the finish a had a feint smell of petrol.
i kept my foot in as wasnt sure if it was the car infront or mine until suddenly the car stated to run on 3 cylinders, a quick glance at the gauges all looked good but fearing i might be dropping fuel i took to the grass and got back to the pits.
a very disapointing dnf and only my 3rd ever mechanical dnf.
after lifting the rear boot seal to check the surge pot there was alot of fuel present which turned out to be a loose fitting on the high pressure pump. all clean up and tightend turned out the missfire was something else. no 1 plug lead had jumped off the coil pack.

car all fixed and ready for race 2 i was informed that my transponder wasnt working which was another kick it the teeth as it turned out it had parted company with my car half way through race 1.

race 2:
my first start from the back of the pack(29th) i could really relax and have a bit of fun.
got a great start but not wanting to spoil the 206 series race i waited for the field to spread a bit before picking them off.
now with clear track i really got the hammer down to try and reel in the guys in front.
slowly picked off car after car and ended up crossing the line in 8th overall and had a great time doing it.
yet another great weekend of close clean racing with track attack race club and the tricolore trophy.

next back to oulton in 2 weeks time 3rd july