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Trip computer

Hi all. Finally picked up my new 172 on Tuesday. I love it! . Everything I hoped for, and more.
Anyway just a question about the trip computer. When cycling through the different screens, the one with the car with the arrows going towards a petrol pump (I think its how far you can go on remaining fuel) is just showing 4 flashing dashes. Any one know why its not displaying a distance?
And also the last one in the cycle according to the handbook is SET mph. It says that its for the cruise control/speed limiter. But Im not supposed to have that, in fact I know I havent as there are none of those buttons on the lower part of the steering wheel.
Lastly, the present MPG screen seems to be missing, I only have the overall MPG screen.
Trivial I know, but its pecking my bonce a little!
PS, any advice on how to stop my right foot from twitching until 625 miles are on clock?

leave it till 1000 miles and one oil change b4 a ragging

The twitching cannot be solved im affraid but what you can do though are play with things like 1.2 novas and fiestas below 3.5k. Its so much fun being in the knowledge that you can woop them at low revs
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I know that some people have had this sort of problem but I cant remember the details. But I would get it checked something to do with a fuse!!! Thats if were thinking of the same trip computer screen!!!

If you reset it it will show the dashs until you have covered so mouch of a distance - cant remember how far thought. Maybe you need to drive a little further? Just a thought.

I too, was going to ask the question about the MPG thing, as mine is missing the current consumption (MPG) as well.

Handbook says you have to drive for 400 metres after a the last general reset before your estimated range will appear.


Err, daft question I know, but how do you reset the computer - mine still reads 30mpg after two track days!! *LOL*

I thought it depended which you had showing to what was reset? If the trip was showing it would reset that, if one of the other stats were showing it would reset all those. I guess Ive always reset the trip, switched to next screen and reset that. Can I just press the button twice? doh!

Has everyone else got the Set Mpg screen, showing flashing dashes?
I also thought that the 172 was top of the clio range (V6 excepted of course) so which models have the heated seats and the cruise control, or are they options?
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the privelage has these options I belive more for comfort (read elderly ladies) than fun and speed

I wasnt aware that any of the clios actually shipped with cruise-control? I know it was in the brochures but as I understood there was problems (which is why it hasnt made it to the 172 yet) ??