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Trip computer

I noticed today that the trip computer on my cup was saying i could do 280 miles before filling up, ive already done about 70 miles, this seems to match up with the miles per gallon reading im getting, but .. .

the fuel gauge shows that ive used about a third of a tank!!??

does anyone elses show a similar kind of thing happening?

yeah my 172 does the same fuel gauge falls very fast even tho trip comp says i have loads left so im just going on what the trip comp says



Mine is exactly the same. I even filled up thinking Id not got long left, when in fact Id got a good quarter of a tank.
  Megane R26

Mine is the same too, gives crazy range figures considering how little fuel is left in the tank. I wouldnt trust it...

Surley it must be right??

i mean, whats the point in having it if it doesnt work correctly?

perhaps on the red does means theres a good 10 litres left???

i would trust the trip more than the gauge as the trip actually reads the fuel been used so can guage it bit better
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

A GOOD margin of error is built into fuel gauges (these are not meters) Trip computers are FAIRLY accurate.

While I understand your frustrations that the gauge does read less than you have in the tank, I feel there would be far more complaints if the gauge was in err the other way! Like it shows 1/4 tank just as you run out!