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Trip Computer...

  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

My mk2 172 is an import from Jeffries Farm. It has the trip computer display and button on the right stalk, but nothing seems to happen when I press it... :confused:

Am I being thick or is it not fitted on my variant; its a French model, variant "CB1N" I believe f(according to the Certificate of Conformity).

If its NOT fitted, is it something I can install myself or at a local "friendly" dealer?

My car is from Jefferies Farm and, apart from only displaying the average MPG and not also the current MPG (this is a common oddity I believe) is fine, it is also a CB1N, however I know someone who has recently bought their 172 from there and they have the same problem as you. Unfortunately I dont know what they have done (if anything) to fix the fault.

Where are you from Batesboy?

  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

Originally from Blackburn, but live in Haywards Heath now...

Wonder what the problem is, maybe someone else can help..?!?!

Ill try to find out for you tommorrow what has happened in my friends case and will post back if there is anything to tell.

I am just along the a272 from you at Nutley.