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trophy recall

i was in a dealer last week buying a new rear shock for my trophy:rolleyes: and when the lass on the desk put my reg in to there system it came up with a recall from last year for the bonnet catch, because im the 3rd owner of the car i would of never known about this unless i went in. also i always had to pull the bonnet pop twice coz it never pops 1st time, so they changed it ther and then and the mechanic said that it look like it was gona go at anytime:eek: so i was lucky because that would off been 1 less of the 500 ha.
they told me this effect all the clios now but i only thought it happend on the phase1s so if any one is worried get it sorted coz it will be free, you dont want your bonnet goin up a 70mph+


ClioSport Club Member
I think most people on here will be aware of this issue as it was on Watchdog last year.

Cheers for the reminder tho!

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
It's a common issue, m8. My car's nearly 4-years-old and I only had the bonnet catch replaced last month. Reno said that the recall was still outstanding on my car (not that I was ever informed) and that it was a 'voluntary recall'. I only got to find out about it by picking up a £4.61 gasket from the spares desk.

I'm sure my insurance company wouldn't have liked the 'voluntary' excuse if the bonnet had smashed into my roof at 70mph. :(



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  Golf R
I dont suppose renault would splash out on a new windscreen and take the dents out the roof if it failed lol
  RenaultSport clio 182 mk2
I had mine checked this morning free of charge but there was nothing wrong with mine so only took 5 mins