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  1. P

    Underside of Spoiler pictures please

    Hi squad. Just purchased a clio v6/trophy spoiler from the Renault sport store. Found a disparity between the sample pictures on the website and the one I have received. It seems there are 2 red dowls(?) That are...
  2. Hamish Laurie

    Spotted 182 trophy

    Seen a 182 trophy today coming out of Selkirk in the Scottish Borders wondering if it’s anyone in here
  3. P

    Has anyone purchased from the official Renault Sport shop?

    Hello squad, I'm on the look out for some new/restored Clio 1*2 Turini's and came across the renault sport store. Where you can buy some CUP spec wheels (ET38.5, Image attached below). I owned a TROPHY set (ET45) for my old 182. So I know what geniune wheels look like (image attached below)...
  4. G

    Clio Cup Race Car Mk1 for sale

    Hello fellow Clio rs fans! I have somewhat of a forgotten gem for sale, the very 1st Clio rs in history. Registered in week 50 of 1990, this was made a year before the road car went on sale. A genuine RS Factory race car with less than 22,000 miles, an MOT and even the factory Renault Clio Cup...
  5. Straw182

    MK4 roof rack help

    I have a mk4 220 Trophy and wanted to carry our 2 bikes on the roof. I already have the bars and carriers from a previous car so just need new feet adaptors. Plenty of them around for a mk4 Clio. The manual says upto 80kg load for MK4 Clios, yet the RS specific manual says roof loads are...
  6. SamClioRS

    200T gearbox map/update?

    Anybody with a 200T been able to get the Trophy gearbox update or know of a good aftermarket gearbox map?
  7. sam55

    How Britain made the 182 Trophy

    Hey fellow Clio lovers/owners. I figured some of you may enjoy this story I’ve written for PH about how the UK created the 182 Trophy back in the Renault Sport glory days. I never knew how much power the UK division had in its development... Hope it’s ok for me to post this here; just sharing...
  8. crfjake

    Any interest in a Northern Ireland meet?

    Moved to Northern Ireland from Birmingham in May and have noticed there is a substantial scene for modifying cars. So it surprises me that there’s no meet ups from here. Don’t know if it’s because people are too busy living that lowered diesel life and there’s not a big clio scene out here...
  9. M

    Goodbye 182, hello 220 Trophy...

    So after near 3 years together it may finally be time to sell my 182 (The second one). Looking at a Clio 220 Trophy as its replacement. Interested in hearing owners opinions. Already got my first question. How can I tell if a car has an RS monitor?
  10. MrBlonde


    New shape Clio Trophy in white with private plate,Something like TROPHY?.going through Ford End in essex,near chelmsford.
  11. SharkyUK

    182 Trophy Welsh Weekender 2017

    Sadly the weather wasn't so good this year, and the roads were quite a bit busier than we'd experienced in previous years, but the turnout was better than ever! It's not everyday you see a Trophy on the roads so to see 18 of them travelling around Wales was quite... well, epic! :) Thanks to...
  12. P

    Clio Trophy - Clapham Common area.

    Clio Trophy spotted parked up most days close to Clapham Common Northside. Anyone's from here?
  13. M

    Trophy 220- Opinions...

    So, potentially controversial topic coming up haha. Trophy 220. Any experiences? I've seen two cars on here so far but nothing in any real detail. Has anyone had much experience in the way of test drives, weekend loans, passenger runs, owns one perhaps? Online reviews seem very positive...
  14. MarcB

    LY, CAP, AG

    This weekend was pretty eventful, @optical had been looking forward to this the last few weeks. For those of you that dont know he bought a lovely Alien Green 200 Cup a few weeks ago. The seller was from Scotland and him being from Oxford meant that he couldnt view or test drive the car...
  15. T

    Clio Sport Trophy - seats need reconditioning

    Hi guys, Proud owner of a Trophy for the last 3.5 years here. Greatest car I've ever driven, but it's beginning to show some signs of having been a daily for the past few years. Specifically, the seats. The drivers side one has split a bolster, and I'm looking at getting them...
  16. MarcB

    Sachs Dampers
  17. SharkyUK

    182 Trophy Welsh Weekender 2016 (pic heavy)

    (Some of you may already have seen some of these photos if you are active on social media such as facetwit snapgram...) What an absolutely fantastic weekend that has been with respect to the Trophy Welsh Weekender 2016! A fantastic and friendly bunch of people, a collection of the finest...
  18. A

    182 Trophy for sale

    put my trophy up for sale on PH if anyone is interested. happy to send more pics and answer questions if required. thanks
  19. Duk

    Trophy Kingston / Lewes turning on Thursday

    Spotted a red Clio several cars ahead of me waiting to turn onto the Newhaven road from Kingston. Then I spotted the exhausts, and then the trophy vinyl. First time I have seen one on the road. Nice.
  20. jesus

    Trophy #41 - Showroom Fresh

    Those of you who know me will know that the Trophy is far from a show car bodywork wise. It's lived on a track all its life and every owner has taken it to the Nurburgring at least once. It's covered in stone chips (the front bumper is beyond salvageable), the door handles are pink and it gets...
  21. MarcB

    Trophy Update

    Thought i would put all the work and pictures into one Topic and as the car has been off the road for weeks and it has had a lot of issues sorted over the past 2/3 months. It was firstly sent away to Pro Tek (Bodyshop) to get the roof fixed after the original job was done badly. Going back 4...
  22. imprezaworks

    Nice Megane trophy 225 for someone

    Not mine but this looks really nice. A member on the Megane forum too
  23. MauriceM27

    182 Trophy cat issues

    Hi folks, just bought Trophy #174. Putting it through the test next week and have discovered that the cat is goosed. There's a Milltek catback on it as is, so I'm just wondering what are my options. Are the KTR ones suitable? Looking on the Milltek site it seems to suggest their cats require a...
  24. dablk

    £3200 trophy on gumtree 275/500.. 101k

    Just seen this on gumtree Welcome to the ad for my Renault Clio Trophy. Looking for a hassle-free sale! Bought for my wife 18 months ago. Until purchased by us, the car was in ownership of the same family...
  25. StuOwen86

    Thinking about a Trophy

    I'm thinking (only thinking as I haven't decided what to do yet) about getting a Trophy as I only used my other car a few time a week (just sold it as the guy offered me more than I paid and it was just sitting there not getting used) and just need something I can pick the baby up from nursery...
  26. realnumber 1

    Arctic 182 with Buckets and Trophy spoiler Huddersfield

    Noticed it this afternoon opposite the Kia garage in Huddersfield. Looked tidy apart from a scrape on the front wing/bumper. Had a CS sticker below the middle brake light. Possibly @dann2707 ?
  27. Tommo.

    Refurbished Sachs (and info for Trophy owners)

    Got my dampers back from BG Motorsport a couple of weeks ago so thought I'd upload some photos... They've had a full rebuild; including powder coating, replacement shafts, adjuster upgrade, and of course, new stickers! BG were great to deal with from start to finish and I would definitely...
  28. Raymond_11

    trophy port glasgow tesco

    seen the sticker wondered if you were on the forum, car looked great!
  29. MarcB

    Trophy Prices To Double ?
  30. Samv96

    Red 182 Trophy Rayleigh

    Pretty sure I just had a nice red trophy follow me along Grove Road in Rayleigh, was hard to see from it being so dark but from the glance I took in my mirror as I turned off it looked to be a red trophy. Anyone here?