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TRS Tow Straps...

  Ph1 Non Sport
hey people

I'm having a slight problem getting to grips with the tow straps... where the hell do they bolt to?

I have a 2001 1.4 (pre facelift) Clio and have no idea where it could go/ how it would fit into the tow eye hole anyway as the metal strap plate (on the trs strap with the hole) is too big to fit there... I'm really confused!

i'll upload a picture if I learn how to but other than that I have no idea about bolting it in etc... all i can think of is cable ties :/

please help!!


Matt W

ClioSport Club Member
  Suzuki Jimny
The tow eye gets screwed into the hole. Easy to put in/take out on track days.
  Ph1 Non Sport
Nah mate its simply for show purposes... and how would I cut the gap? sorry for sounding stupid i've never really done anythin like this before!

thanks for the posts tho guys, its all good help... and my first post ;)
  CLIO 172 CUP....
i used a little blade to cut the size i needed in the grill... about (cable tie it).. iv got a trs tow strap fitted and and (NO) i dont do track days it for show but i still bolted it in properly because think how much of a d**k you would look if you brake down some were and AA or RAC have to tow or pull you up ther flat bed your gonna look a right mupit saying hold on mate i just have to cut the cable ties pull out the tow strap and then get the tow eye out of the boot..thats if you even still have the standed tow eye in the boot as you more than likly you would of took it out and it at home some

so do it properly...;).
To 99% of the general drivers out there it will just look like some yellow tape is caught in your grill imo..

And if its not a track car or isnt breaking down every 5 mins, it belongs in the boot to me...

I can only see if looking well on a more track looking car, or if the colour matched the paint and didnt stick out so much.
  CLIO PH1 172
iv had one sitting in my draw for about 6months i will only put it on when im going on track pointless and dated other wise IMO!