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Trying To Replace The Battery In The Key Fob

  172 SPORT PH2
Im really struggling to get the case off the delicate keys...

Any help, the manual is not helpfull, i mean do you just rive at it, i dont wanna knacker it totally?

Anyone else had problems replacing the battery
Just tried mine now, took the ring off and pushed it from the top downwards (towards the blade) with my thumb and it popped off. Try a screwdriver, I think the first time I did it I had to use a bit of force.
  172 SPORT PH2
feck, cheers mate, i managed to do it after you explained it, unfortunally, ive also manages to gash my thumb, now theres a load of blood comming out lool
  Honda & VW
i was having great difficulty yesterday, from the arrow on the back of the fog you'd think that would/should be the part that needs sliding but turned facing away its a doddle.