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  1. G

    Battery & Stop Lamp flickering at 4k rpm

    So… New alternator and battery 6 months ago, new cambelt and dephaser (done by trusted RS mechanic) around 5 months ago, solid engine mounts and mapped around 2 months ago, ALL Fluids changed so brake fluid is new and topped up, engine oil is done (twice), continuity on all the earths, battery...
  2. B

    Battery Kill Switch

    Hi guys, I’ve recently installed the odessey PC680 battery behind my passenger seat, and I want to run a cut off switch for it now to stop it going flat. My question is am I okay to run a line from the positive side of the battery to one side of the kill switch and then just run a normal earth...
  3. AndyPembs182

    Replacing battery in key fob

    If I remove the battery from my 182 key fob - to replace - is there a risk it will become “de-programmed”? Do I need to do it in a certain way? Help!
  4. J

    Stop and battery light 182

    I know this has been done before but I can't seem to find anything that can solve my issue. Basically my alternator packed in a couple months ago as they always do and i never replaced it as i was just using the car to get to and from work so just charged it every night for a few weeks till I...
  5. C

    Car wouldn’t start, but battery and alternator are good?

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’ve just bought a 1.1 2008 Renault Clio to get me around while a crash claim I was in gets sorted out. It was off a family friend and was pretty cheap as the clutch was on its way out. Ive drove the car around 4-5 times, it’s not insured untill September but I’ve...
  6. J

    Replaced Battery 182, No throttle

    I replaced the battery in the 182 and the first time I tried to start it, the starter motor cranked but it wouldn't turn over. I tried again and eventually it fired up but idled at around 2k and there was no throttle response. The warning lights on the dash are shown in the photo. Fortunately...
  7. JKeillor94

    Car wont start

    I have a 2011 Clio 1.2 16v - same engine as the Mk2 Clios. Was going fine, turned the car off, jumped bsck in it and nothing happens when i turn the key. The electrical fault light is on; If i attach jump leads this light isnt on, its like nothing is wrong with the car, if i turn the key i...
  8. Asher172

    Car Battery Charger. Buying Advice needed

    Hi All, Currently building a Clio 172 track car. Its used occasionally at the weekends when the weather is good, but mainly will be used just for track days. Problem i have with Lack of use is that whenever i come back to the car, its usually dead. I'm tired of jump starting it so was thinking...
  9. C

    Clio mk3 low battery light when driving

    Hi all. This is my first post so hello! I bought a Clio Mk3 ph2 1.2tce a week ago now and just can't figure out why I'm getting the low battery (and stop) warning light on after about 15 minutes of driving. This is the sequence of events that I experience: 1) Car starts absolutely fine, all...
  10. C

    Quick questions about the Clio Mk4

    Hi, Brand new member, looking at buying a Clio Mk4 1.5 DCi MediaNav. Doing as much research as I can, but can't nail down solid answers to a few questions. Any help would be appreciated :) 1) This model is commonly listed as having a "Start/Stop" under exterior features. I want this to be the...
  11. AdamCup

    Race Battery Relocation

    Where have you race/track people mounted your race battery ? The floor is too uneven to mount it flush and securely.
  12. Y

    Battery choice help

    Hi all. I am in need of a new battery for my 54plate 1.5DCi clio but I have no idea what type I need as they all have different amphour and cca, the battery in the car is of no help as who ever had it before seemed to have taken all the stickers off of it any advice would be appreciated or...
  13. Davyboy888

    Locking drivers door on Clio 182

    My first question on here, hopefully somebody will be able to help me out. I came out this morning to find the battery on my 182 stone dead. I opened the passenger door with the key and then opened the driver's door from inside the car. I removed the battery and shoved it on charge. I went...
  14. RobBrodie

    Intermittent Starting Issue

    Afternoon Guys Can't really find anything with a search on this When i turn the key the starter motor engages and it turns once or twice but then just before the car starts it just stops I wouldn't say the starter dies off, it just stops and i get a slight buzzing which i'm fairly certain is...
  15. D

    Renault Clio Mk3 not starting

    Hi Looking for some help so hopefully someone can. My Renaukt Clio Mk3 displayed a Low Battery warning light when I was driving home the other day, I didnt think much of it at the time to be honest, but when I tried to start it later on it wouldn't turn over ( all other electrics were working)...
  16. M

    Electrics tripping out when driving

    Hi, I've got a Renault Clio 182 2004, with 77k miles and today the electrics started tripping out whilst driving to work. The radio, fans and lights would go off then come back on again after approx. 10 seconds. The dash would light up like a Christmas tree. I noticed tonight when I went to pick...
  17. IRD05

    2007 Clio 1.2tCE Battery Issues

    Evening all, First post so go easy on me please! :) I have a 57 Reg 1.2tCE Clio which today decided - out of nowhere - to not fire. Was driven all day yesterday, driven to work this morning all fine, then in the afternoon I went out to it and all kind of electrical hell had broke loose...
  18. F

    Help Required Locking Faults

    Well hello dear readers, I have a minor fault with the car as when I manually lock my Renault Clio 02 plate 1.2 only one of the door actually locks while the passanger's won't. i'm not really sure if its due to the battery or any other reasons as if anyone here knows please share your opinion.
  19. Mash.

    FIA battery kill switch.

    Hey guys, currently I'm wiring in my kill switch (it is the 4 terminal one) I have chosen to wire the kill switch onto the earth cable instead of the live. I have heard of many motorsport companies doing this so theres no chance of anything touching it from behind and causing a fire etc etc and...
  20. GTXMike

    Car Battery Drain

    I recently developed a problem with draining battery. I grabbed my multi-meter and checked the readings. It drains 180-200mA with everything off and then drops to 10mA when i take out the 5A fuse relating to Central Locking. Without that fuse the doors won't lock and the car wont start. The...
  21. MarkMchugh

    Flat battery issues

    hello I hope someone may be able to help me, when I leave my car stud still for longer than 10 - 12 hours it has a flat battery, but sometimes it will be okies, I was wondering if something was draining it or it could be the battery, I went to a place today and they tested the battery it came...
  22. Trackslag172

    Wiring the alarm to work after the battery isolator has been removed

    Afternoon all, I have wired a battery isolator to my clio 172 track car but obviously if i remove isolator key the alarm stops working (I live in Basildon, I need an alarm). I am looking to wire the alarm to the permanent side of the battery so it still works after I isolate the battery from...
  23. T

    182 Sport alternator/battery/wirng fault???

    Hi guys a newbie on here and to my clio. Basically I bought a 2004 clio sport 182 last night with 84k miles to use as a track day car. When I went to pick it up he was fitting a new battery. Car fired up first time and sounded sweet, although the battery light, airbag light, stop light, service...
  24. P

    Dead battery cause

    Hi guys, Im new to the forum and was just after some help. My battery went completely dead yesterday and im trying to determine what the cause was. After getting the car home I was checking under the bonnet and there was a buzzing noise coming from a unit attached to the radiator which I have...
  25. Fraserb

    battery advice

    Ok so the battery on the 182 is officially dead, what bettery does everyone recommend and where's best to buy them?
  26. Jake Ireland

    Battery and stop fast idle...Alternator?

    Hey guys, I've read some topics on this but still haven't seen an issue exactly the same.... I've just come home from London (back to Gloucestershire) and on the way back the battery and stop lights started coming on intermittently (usually on overrun, off the throttle down hills). Stopped...
  27. Cribert

    Cover at the rear of the battery?

    Anyone know what the cover/piece of metal is towards the bulkhead next to the battery? I'm wanting to replace the one in my 172 as its damaged.
  28. JG14

    Help needed with battery/airbox bracket/strut?

    Morning all, I've purchased a clio 182 cup and the previous owner removed a strut/bracket of some sort to allow extra room for a large aftermarket air filter. I've seen it on other 182s but my question is does anyone know what it might be called so I search for one online. I need one as I'm...
  29. S

    182 Battery light & ECU bracket broken

    Alright fellas, first post, i used the search funtcion but i didnt know if these problems could be related. Got my 182 last week and absoloutley love it , by far funnest car ive driven! Yesterday i started the car up and the battery and stop light was flashing on and off, i had a quick look...
  30. OL11TAL

    Car won't start, guessing flat battery?

    Hi Guys, I've spent all day cleaning my car and I've came to reverse back into my parking spot and it won't start. The solenoid is clicking and the fans/radio work. The car will flash its lights when being locked but the mechanism doesn't go off. Put it on my Mams MX5 for 5 minutes and almost...