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Turbines with no centre cap key

  Full Fat 182
Hi all,

I bought some turbines over the weekend from a club member, and on getting home realised I hadn't asked for the key. The guy, friendly enough though he is, has proven an absolute nightmare to get in touch with.

So basically I have the wheels, 3 have centre caps on, the other was held on by a cable tie to the wheel so I believe it may have been smashed off. I'de like to try and avoid smashing off the centre caps as they're all in great nic and I may want to use them again in the future so seems a shame to waste them.

Does anyone know a way I can get the caps off without causing damage without having a key, or even better would any turbine key fit and does anyone have one about I could come over and borrow just to remove the caps?
  Full Fat 182
didn't realise the bolts were aluminium into aluminium. Wheels had been sitting so the bolts had completely seized up. Ended up having to smash the bolts off with chisel and hammer, now getting drilled and rethreaded and popping in some new bolts that won't do the same!