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tv head unit....

  Brisol my lover..

ive got a avh 7500 pioneer head unit to put in my 172 and does anyone know if you can get the fingertip controlls to work with this.....also i have a renault multi changer in the car dont think these will run together does anyone know???????

You cant get an adaptor in order to get the stalk controls to work I have been looking for a year. Been told "they just dont make one"

As far as i know you cant get the exsisting cd changer to work either.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

OOOOH but they do have one ;)

mines goign in a couple of days, will keep u posted on it.

Took me a while to find thsi one

Link dont work :( please help I would love one esp as its listed on Pioneer website but have never found a dealer that could help!!

I cant find one!! I think Has 16v is on the wind up unless he is keeping this all to him self and that just aint Cricket!!! :cry:


  RS 182 - Black Gold

:oops: forgot about this thread!

i am heading back to Coventry this afternoon after beign down in London.

When i get bak ill take a shot of the part and also the part No. and the company which makes it,

Its not connects4u iirc i had to get an audio company to specially order it in as it was so bloody rare to find!!

keep ya posted tonight