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Tyre Dilemma for Bedford!!

Well, after the day at Heyford airfield at the weekend my front tyres are completely shot. Below legal limit I reckon. I do have a new set of Toyo T1 proxies on order courtesy of but their gonna take up to a week to get here. In the mean time I’m faced with a dilemma for Bedford.

My rears are still quite fresh. So I’m thinking of swapping the fronts to the back. My theory is that as the front shoulders are completely bald this will make the car loose grip at the front and understeer quite heavily as the rears grip the tarmac. Crap for the track. If I swap the fronts for the rears the font will have more grip than the rear and the car will have a tendency to oversteer. More preferable I think.

So will swapping them have the benefit I want? Will it not matter so much in the dry but more in the wet? Or am I talking complete crap?

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I reckon your tyres were about as bad as mine Rich, and I wouldnt have wanted them anywhere near the car particularly having seen them when they were removed yesterday. The forecast for Friday is showers.

If you want to borrow a couple of Contisports for Bedford I can lend you some new ones (as long as you promise to put them on the rear wheels!!). Then you could put your existing rears on the front which should be ok - thatd keep you going until the Toyos arrive. A bit of an arse getting over here I guess, but there is a tyre place here that will fit them for £4 a corner.
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Just switch them front to rear and youll be OK. Check closely that you havent any cord showing at the sidewall.

Use up your old tyres at track days and driver educations. It is better to have slippy tyres and learn how to drive than to have the latest gumballs and go fast...

Yeah Rich, at least do the switch front to back, youll be able to handle the extra oversteer and youll still be road legal after the event, or switch and borrow those two off Mike, they only had a few hundred miles on them when I sold then to Mike

Whatever you do matey, it gonna be a fun day, and if Mike is right about the weather - well thatll make it interesting!

Cheers for the offer Mike. However getting over to yours is a bit of a trek so I think I may have to wing it with a swap front to rear. Shame I dont have a second set of wheels + tyres for this sort of thing!!

Edd - there isnt any cord showing on the sidewall yet - I think they have a long way to go for that to start! My main concern is Mr plod and road safety traveling to and from Bedford. There is tread on the centre -> inside edge of the tyres though so normal road/Mway driving should be OK just for a couple of days until I get the Toyos on.

Look out for me with my tail sliding right out on those wet hairpins!