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Tyre Qs

  Skoda Fabia vRS

right guys, the fronts on my car have worn by quite a bit now, is it ok to swap em to the back, or would i be better replacing them ?

i know a fair bit of a cars handling/stability is actually done by the rear, so would it be a bit dangerous to just stick the worn tyres on the rear ?

i was gonna get Eagle F1s, but there a bit on the expensive side so i think im gonna try those Kuhmo 712s that are in the PGTi mag, as there cheaper

i know they are alot more expensive but the eagle f1 is a far far better tyre the grip in the wet is good too which normally lets some tyres down, all the poeple i know whove fitted kuhmos have found them poor for grip, at the end of the day its only a budget tyre so as always you get what you pay for


  Audi TT Stronic

according to an article i read somewhere you are better putting the worn tyres on the front..

I cant remember where i read it but it made sense.
  Honda Civic Type R GT

From what a mate said, Michelin recommend that you put the new tyres on the back and the partially worn ones on the front. Think he mentioned its something to do with oversteer. Some places (Costco) will not fit new tyres to the front.

There again just had F1s put on by my local indi and not had any problems.


  320d M Sport

I just tried to get Kwik Fit to fit My Toyos (2 for the front) and they wont fit tyres unless you purchase from them!!! How ridiculous is that!?

  Skoda Fabia vRS

thanks guys, guess ill be replacin the fronts then, an with vat an delivery added, the price on the Kuhmos comes to the same as the F1s, so i guess ill be gettin some of those