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Tyres - Continental Eco Contact



Anybody heard of these or used them? the b*****ds at kwik fit would only fit these tyres to my 172 as it a company car!!!

as per the continental webpage

21% reduction in noise level
Excellent ride comfort
Shorter braking distances on wet roads
Up to 5% lower fuel consumption
"21% reduction in noise" - its a 172, at the best of times its not quiet

"Excellent ride comfort" - like the suspension setup is going to be transformed by two poxy tires.

"Shorter braking distances on wet roads " - i cant really complain about this, but I will.;) compared to what?

"Up to 5% lower fuel consumption" whoopee f**king doo! Ill remember that next time I have my foot firmly planted to the floor!

They also only changed the front tires, so I still have michelin pilot sxs at the back. Sure you are not supposed to do that.:(


Somebodys going to now tell me they are really good!:oops:

I have only got experience of these on hire cars and I have to say that they are downright dangerous in the wet, you should get them changed straight away. My favorite moment was getting full opposite lock (to the bump stop) on a corsa following a transit van (bit of roll but otherwise he looked fine) on a sliproad. In the dry they squeal at embarrassingly low speeds but are not that bad. They get the rolling resistance by using dead hard rubber and non-compliant sidewalls, ie less grip to save petrol, genius.


I am beginning to feel the need to complain. If they are a bad as you say then it could be dangerous, just because they are trying to save money. looking on another webpage the tyres were aprox £52. exaltos were £57, the saving of a whole £10. With the added advantage of putting my life in danger. if they are as bad as people think.:mad: