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ClioSport Club Member
just looking for some advice if anyone has any...

oi should be getting some turbines soon, then im going to refurb them and put them on my car, was thinking about eagle F1's gsd3's, in either 195/45/15 or 195/50/15, i prefer the 45's as the wheels will look better on lower profiles though.

but what i want to know is what other good tyres i could use, bearing in mind it is only a 1.2 so wont be reaching insane speeds, but i do like to push it abit on some corners, so i want to to have a good grip on the road.

can anyone reccomend any other tyres, eagle f1's are about £46 apiece in 45 profile, so thats about the limit of my budget for them!

thanks in advance!
I'd stick with 195/50/15 as there the cheacpeasy often tyre choice is a great area to start a duiscussion everyone has there own preference and hatred.

I like the contininetal normal ones.

195/45 to 195/50 isn't much difference in size though.