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  clio 182
I have a clio 182 (2004 54). im needing new tyres was just wondering if any1 had a recommendation before i purchase anything????
  Saab 93 Aero Wagon
If you can afford the OE Michelins then i'd stick with them. If on a budget, i'd go no lower than Hankooks.

DO NOT buy budgets.
  clio 182
ive got t1-r on the front but they tend to wear down very quickly (5/6000 miles). i dont think they are as good as some ppl say.

anyway, thanks lads


ClioSport Club Member
  AG200|981 Cayman
On the C2 ive got t1-rs and ive used about 2/3rds of the tread in 5000 miles, however i find they do grip well in the dry but are a not that good in the wet.

Infact i nearly lost it on the track when it started spitting, they dont like water tbh.