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Ugliest bodykit ever

  Clio v6

Only my personal opinion of course, but last night on the A127, I was following something that just about resembled a Clio.

This car was all a kind of dull poorly sprayed silver. I dont know if it was supposed to be a 172 as most of it was covered up by a big fat kit. The original rear bumper was showing underneath this monstrosity? which had large oval mesh sections and fake airvents at the wheels arches.

The rear ( yes I said rear ) lights where sprayed over in silver and also had those light caps/eyebrows, normally seen on MAX front headlights.

This "Thing" had a roof spoiler about 3 feet high so it was like following an annoying van. It had been de-badged at the rear so it looked really bare and in need of something/anything to give it some personality.

On second thoughts I guess it was better to remove any traces of the Clio name from it.

Their was a ClioSport sticker in the rear window but it looked as if the WWW. and net was missing. GOOD!

If it is anyones on here can I just say a bg thanks for moving over and appreaciating that I had gone out for a nice wee blast and didnt wish to feel sick looking at that bucket. I did give a friendly flash when you turned off, but I was behind a car so I didnt want him to think he had a problem.

As I siad at the start of my post, it is my own opinion, so please do not be offended by my comments. There are Many people who may well like your car and my veiws are not very important in the grand scale of things.

You must have spent some time, effort, money, and sleepless nights working on your car, not to mention whatever drugs you must have been using to see the vision. So I commend you for that. If your intention was to create something unique, then you ought to be awarded an honours.

BTW if you have any useful mods inside like ice and stuff, I would love a nice ICE set up ( but to ignorant on this subject to arrange this ) I would be genuinely keen to see and speak to you about these, just not the outside. I am not totally opposed to modding a car. A nice set of non hindering wheels, a wee bit lower if it helps handling, but not just for show, and the odd ClioSport sticker is just right for me.

Oh dear I feel old.

P.S. If anyone finds this post too offensive please ask the moderators to delete it.
  320d M Sport

i should think so an all!!! Although i think its actually quicker than the posted 17.3.. well i know it is!