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Underside Restoration

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Underside of the shell is all under sealed well enough anyway. Waste of time.

Rear beam etc could be done if that's your thing as they surface rust. Never seen one bad enough to worry about it though.

Also. Most Renault's have leaky gear selectors, and over ten years or so, the gearbox oil lost from here tends to top up the protection whilst driving along.
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Noticed my ph1 is starting to get a bit of light surface rust in a few areas underneath mainly around the petrol tank of the underside and the underseal looks a bit brittle. I would say a 182 is probably a bit new to be worrying about just yet but worth doing in the near future to preserve.
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This is one of the worries you have as a Ford owner. I didn't realise is well Renaults were undersealed - or how badly Fords were, till I viewed a Clio for a friend last year.
i restored the underside of my old cossie a few years ago and although it looked nice i didnt use it in the rain as hated having the underside all dirty.. well that and 500hp rwd it was lethal in the wet..
ive cleaned all the underside of the clio though but its in far better condition than any of my old fords were..
i got a fiesta rs turbo that was 7 years old and the fuel cap had already started to rot out..


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Fords have terrible corrosion resistance in comparison to other OEMs; the rear wheel arches and sills are particular weak points on Fiestas for example!
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I'm partly halfway through doing an underneath restoration/tidy up on my cup. I also used to be on th ford scene with a racing puma and just got that upto concours standard when I unfortunately had to sell.

Im looking at sorting the rear beam next, thinking of buying a second hand one and getting it shotblasted and powdercoated mat black so I can literally just swap the both beams over...would love to eventually get round to doing the front subframe to ;)