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Update on my dCi power-loss issue!

  '06 MK3 Clio 1.4L
Hey all,

Have a 2004 Clio dCi 80, with a tdi-tuning box and LongLife performance exhaust, the car should be running at around 105bhp (not dyno tested)...

Anyway for quite a long time now i been having problems with power-loss on my DCI when boosting, i would get the electrical light, stop light and emissions light popping on when the power loss occurs and would also get a sort of hissing noise when accelerating, and if i let off the accelerator the lights would go off and the power would go back to normal until boosting again, in which the problem re-occurs...

Never thought much of it at the time as it never bothered me so i left it, until recently i got beaten by a standard 1.3 Micra Super S and levelled with a 1.3 KA, which left me shocked as the micra is only 75bhp standard and mines 80bhp standard but should be pushing out around 105bhp with the tuning box and mods, so i was extremely shocked to see this happen...

After this i decided i had to fix whatever was the issue, even ordered a diagnostic kit which is on its way but after a lot of looking today i found something...

One of the plastic pipes that goes into the intercooler has a hole in it and it seems to have sprayed a bit of oil all over the alternator, oil filter and other parts of the engine, its not an extreme amount of oil and i have been told that a small bit of oil in the intercooler hoses is normal for a car with the milage that mine is at, and theres not much smoke coming from the exhaust so im happy to think that the turbo is fine and not on its way out...

Would this damaged intercooler pipe be the cause of my power loss issues? the hole is not massive so would i be able to seal it up temporarily somehow until i get a new hose fitted?

All help appreciated!


ANY hole in boost pipework will leak massively under pressure and cause mega power loss!
  '06 MK3 Clio 1.4L
Well had a little go at sealing the hole up and so far so good...

Just gave it a temporary fix haha some paste sealant that goes rock hard ( to cover up the hole) and a shitload of duck tape to keep it sturdy...

Well i have to say you can definately hear a difference when driving now, before it used to sound like a dump valve where the air must of been leaking out, now the turbo seems to be boosting better and sounds much healthier, though the dash lights are still coming on when boosting, but not such a big power loss anymore, maybe to do with my tuning box needing adjustment or will i need to clear the fault codes on the ECU now the problems been temporarily fixed? i have my own fault code reader coming on monday so i will use that if it picks up the codes correctly...

Any idea on the cost of the top intercooler pipe that goes to the EGR housing? as thats the one that has a hole in it which iv temporarily sealed, just been to my local motorspares shop who said its gonna have to be a dealer job....

Thanks all
  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)
Did you get it properly fixed Edward?

This is happening to my old man's Dci 65 now. :(

Going to have a look tonight for any holes in the pipework.


ClioSport Moderator
  E55 AMG
That pipe needs to be replaced! And I'm pretty certain those lights are you injectors, take injectors off one at a time(5minute job) look down the hole if the hole is clean then the injector is ok but if its black and horrible then you need a new/rebuilt injector I would replace all four anyway.


ClioSport Club Member
remember make sure there is no boost leaks other than the one you have found i knew a guy in a simmilar situation found a boost leak, sorted it and was still not holding boost so bought a new turbo and gave it to me to fit and i found boost leak 2!! lol
  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)
Right will do.

I want this fixed because he's offered me it.


Would we have to get the ecu 'wiped' to clear the logs and take it out of LIMP mode? Researching this problem seems to have come up with a number of solutions, if you do have to clear the logs after each time, could turn out to be very expensive!



If you fix the issue, most times the light will go out by itself. If not, most garages will be able to plug in and wipe the codes. POintless trying something, wiping the faults and them coming straight back up.
  Monaco 172
I have the same thing with the hissing on my 2002 1.2 Clio when I plant my foot is there an explanation for it?