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Updates pics

  Mk 2 Ph 2 1.2 16v
Afternoon all. Have had a couple of things done since I last posted some pics, mainly have lowered it (not by a massive amount as only did it on springs), and had all the rub strips professionally colourcoded.

Gave the car a quick clean this afternoon and went for a drive to get a few pics...




(Click to enlarge)
  Mk 2 Ph 2 1.2 16v
Couple more pics...


Ideally would like some new alloys (am thinking about ph.2 172 wheels, what do you lot think?) and in the long run, lower it on coilovers.

Would also like an exhaust, the list goes on.....

  Mk 2 Ph 2 1.2 16v
Yes, just the 15" standard wheels on at the moment. Like I said, would really like some new ones, just not sure what style to get
I love the splitter, it is a splitter right? I'm not especially in the know with mk2's.
  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!
looks cool, deffo change wheels next, just looks like theres too much rubber showing.
i went for the 16" rs wheels and love em!
  Mk 2 Ph 2 1.2 16v
Fair enough mate, its not to everyones taste.

Thanks for the offer on the wheels mate, but not sure whether the colour would look a bit funny on the colour of the car? If that makes sense?!?

Would really like some deep dish euro wheels, but really doubt I'd be able to afford any!

Thanks for all the feedback guys.
  Mk 2 Ph 2 1.2 16v
Thanks for the comments everyone.

Jonny - trying to keep it quite subtle, so thats why I thought about going for the 172 wheels.

Might give it a couple of coats of wax today as that didn't get done in the clean yesterday, and possibly over the next couple of weeks will respray my dash inserts as they're looking a bit tired.