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urgent help needed, valver wont start

  1.8 16v ph1
right well this isnt what i need!
went out to the car last night and the damn thing wouldnt start. the engine turns over fine but it just wont spark.
this morning ive had a couple of spark plugs out and turned the engine over with them visable, so i can be certain theres no spark!

ive checked all of the ht leads and they seem to be fine

any ideas coz this is a nightmare atm, i have no car!
  1.8 16v ph1
right ive turned it over and the rev counter doesnt move at all. is this more than likely going to be the problem, the crank sensor?

where abouts is it so i can have a look and see if theres anything obviously wrong
it's just at the join between the gearbox and engine. If you have a multimeter then you can check if it's ok by checking the resistance of it which should be about 250ohms +- a bit iirc.
  1.8 16v ph1
wehey! all sorted

just took out the sensor and gave it a good clean up, checked the resistance, slapped it back it and she fired up first time!

thx all for your help!