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Urgent Help Needed!!

Ok how do i get the window winder handles off of my front doors? rest of door card is lose jus need to get the handle off but how??

Dunno about renaults but on fords, where the handle touches the door, theres a plastic cover on the round bit. Pull that off and theres a 13mm nut or a phillips screw holding it on

erm I really dont know, but usually theres a centre cap over the rotation point of the winder handle, you pop that out, then there should be a screw you undo and hay presto.... but like I said I aint seen or done one on a clio at all even lol.



iirc theres a tiny grub screw thru the side of the window winder holding it onto the shaft. But again ive never done one myself! lol!

just look, it should be common sense, shouldnt really try and take the door card off before you take all the bits off first or youll end up warping or wrecking the door car in the process.

got it off, theres a series of clips holding it on, have to prise a few off then give it a tug :D dont mind damaging the door card swapping for 16v ones, having trouble getting the electric window mechs in now tho :mad: lol