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used Quaife ATB Diff price?


ClioSport Club Member
  197 CUP
Im looking at one the now on pistonheads, its done between 10-20k, the boys looking for £375 for it.
  Evo 8 MR
I guess your looking at around £400-£500 depending on condition. Doubt you will get much more for it.


  A thirsty 172
I'd be seriously interested in it if you are selling? I'll be boosted VERY soon and need all the help I can get lol :D
Sooner pay for one with 10-20k on it and save £££'s.
  Clio Sport 172 ITB
yes it dose!

if you sell it fitted in a box dave i would say 600 - 650 if now then 350 - 400.. seeing the thing has to be plasma welded in...