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Useful Info for Insurance

CIS Insurance

I went with CIS based on the online figure they were giving me. After ringing them up, they quoted me a figure 35 % less than the online one. If anyone is looking for insurance, try ringing them up, they were 50% cheaper than anywhere else for me.

I then sent them a letter stating that I had cosmeticaly modified my vehicle, (lowered, alloys, skirts, front spoiler, induction kit, exhaust, interior mods) and they replied to me confirming that I was insured with all modifications, for an extra cost of nothing.

Just thought it may be useful to some Cliosport users...


I put a heading of Cosmetic mods for all of them, so not directly, but when they replied they said that all items were insured for free.

If I have any problems, I have their own letter stating that it is insured.
  Golf GTI 1.8T

CIS are wierd they allways muck up on every quote my family have had, they complete bodged my mums up, and we added my car to the policy for a a few weeks while i sorted my own out, since we took me off and re-insured the car for another weve so far had 2 letters in the post saying that we were over charged, and recieved cheques adding to £600, insurance was one £230!! stupid f***ers