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V6 at Rtec.

  Fiesta TDCI

Has anyone been to Rtec in St Albans and seen the Clio V6 they have?

It looks awesome!!

Rtec looks like a good place for mods, very busy and they have tons of stuff!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Stuart - Speak to a guy there called Paul as he is usually the most knowledgable. Thats where I got my car lowered and the ACEs fitted. I can vouch for the fact they are good.

The V6 is Adrians but he also has numerous other cars like a BMW X5! So hes not short of money!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Well it cost me just over a grand to have the springs, wheels, tyres, balancing, valves and fitted. Off the top of my head the springs (Eibach Pro Kit) were around £120 and the fitting was £50 (but that was for everything).

Give them a call and find out.