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V6 colours

  Ford Fiesta

once and for all is it only avaialable in Silver in UK? is it in 4 colours worldwide/??
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Ive seen a red one, and my m8 has seen a yellow one, as well as the silver ones.
  Ford Fiesta

yeah thought so. This lad came in to work and started "ya seen ma mates v6?" I asked what colour he looked at me as if I was asking what planet we were on. Erm they only come in the one colour I said no please take a look at "are u sure it wasnt a 172 with a v6 body kit?"
oh dear what a muppet....
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

im with the bradford lad on that 1 hes rite and u can get it imported in diff colours
  silver valver/hybrid

i switched on to itv and it was showing a red v6 blasting round goodwood, festival of speed, i want one!!!

That was Jenson driving... I sat in that V6 last sunday, though not as impressive as being in one like a bunch of us were at Bedford Autodrome with the British F3000 champion driving it!!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah that bloke (Alan?) was a nutcase - on the way back into the pits I thought he was going to take out half a dozen of our cars - he was still sideways Wasnt there supposed to be a 30 limit in that pit lane?!!

Just had a look at the blue one. £30k, yeh right !!! Is that the same colour as the new Clio cup ? If so, didnt like it - had a look over it at Goodwood last weekend - wasnt really impressed - didnt think the wheels looked that good in the flesh either.

What does everyone think the prices for the V6 will be in the winter - must admit i fancy one so might get one in the winter - with the new one coming out soon - this should knock the values of them.

Though I still fancy a R5 Turbo 2 in black :)

a dealer in chadwell heath has 3 of em! ,all silver, not a main dealer but he sells ferraris etc, the clio v6s were 23 grand which i thought was good.