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V6 @ Crail

Anyone know who th e guy at Crail this weekend was? Got to hand it to you, not only dragging the perfect car in true style but also ripping the tyres to shreds on the drifting track! Well done that man!

BTW nice to see that plenty of Clios are starting to attend events throughout the country, pity most of them are the same as mine (IE crappy 1.2 16vs )


  Shiny red R32

There is a guy who has a garage at Dunfermline who has a V6 and sometimes his son drives it. Teady will know whose it is.

Cool, looks like the V6 dosnt really like being thrown about? Seems to come out of a spin too easily, or is that it is eluctant to go into one to start with?

ne way, looked awsome.

Nice to see the black Extreme with the same wheels as mine but in silver (super Ls), cant believe the sunburst yellow one turned up with the kit I was about o order, looked nice though), if someone tells me how Ill post the piccies up if anyone wants?

Ive been a regular at Crail throughout the summer! Did you ever run yer car, last time I was there, there was a 1.2 clio running?

Was the V6s number plate V6 RYN by any chance? If so it was this guy who lives in Glenrothes, Ive seen the car at Glenvarigill in Kirkcaldy (in the showroom) a few times so Im not sure who it belongs too. Or even if it belongs too anybody. This might be the reason why its getting thrashed!!

Ive also seen a V6 for sale in Glenrothes. £30,000 price tag!! Wee bit steep me thinks! That puts you into EVO 7 territory!!

Another thing, anyone seen the new Impreza? Any thoughts?

I ran the Clio up for a laugh but a combination of small crappy engine, subs and amps, 17s and a fat driver left me with a time of 19.02. I know thats crap but everything bar another Clio got beat by the 60ft line. Seems the Clios have got good traction from the start.

V6 was an 02 plate silver one, as I say, tell me how to post piccies and I will.......;)

You need to ask someone to host them for you and then they should post them up then ! That is all you need to do, someone will be kind enough to do this for you.