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V6 Isle of Wight October 11th 09- Pics!!

  Renault Sport Clio 182
a while back i know but just wondering if anybody knows it?

right hand drive with french plates
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  Renault Sport Clio 182
  Renault Sport Clio 182
isle of wight, in ventnor, judging by the plates im guessing he was on holiday, i went round the block enough times to look at it, then was in a sweet shop when he drove past, verry niiiiice.


  RS Clio 172
it lives here iirc. seen it a few times. often parked in the college car park actually. well... it was a few years ago anyway.
  Renault Sport Clio 182
i assumed it was rhd then registerd in france but guess not, was nice n loud as it drove past