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V6 wheel fused onto hub

  E92 M3, BG 182


I took my V6 into QuickFit yesterday to hopefully get a puncture fixed on the nearside rear.
Unfortunately, they could not get the wheel off, despite battering it with several rubber malletts for about ten minutes. Anyone else come across this before, and if so whats the solution?

  Clio 197

Get all your wheels off, and stick some copper grease behind them...

God knows why this isnt std practice @ the factory.

I did mine yesterday...

Hi Dredd, I had exactly the same prob, and the same wheel (but the mk1 V6) Fused itself on, even the bodyshop that was fitting the new rear bumper couldnt shift it after 20 minutes cursing it, but I needed new rear brake disks, so took it to Reno.. and waited for the call to tell me it wouldnt budge, but they managed to get the dam thing off somehow! More than likely a tow rope and a tractor were involved! V6 wheels desperatley need copper grease on there to prevent this happening again.

Its not just the V6 guys, my 1.2 16v had this problem too until last week when id to take it to a local garage to have them put the car up on the ramps to get my wheels off as the rust on the hubs had bonded with the powder coat on my alloys!
  172 cup,s2 rs turbo

pentrating oil and lots of abuse should shift it eventually. pain the arse though i know.

how would you recommend removing a fused on rear disc on a 172 jay?

its only been on there for 6 weeks but wont budge. Didnt want to use penetrating oil because i thought i may damage the bearings.

its a common prolem on the V6, only way to get them off is to give them a good whack with a hammer all the way round. When you put them back on make sure you give them a good clean and add some lube.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Quote: Originally posted by JAY172 on 22 August 2005

pentrating oil and lots of abuse should shift it eventually. pain the arse though i know.
had this exact problem on Saturday while changing the discs on my 172.

A large hammer and LOTS of loosening oil mixed with frustrated anger eventually got them off

Soak it overnight with cocacola or pepsi and then pour boiling water over it. The boys at AT* slack all the wheel bolts off and drive them round the yard! Well, actually thats trucks and trailers with 14.00 x 22.5 but I thought that would get your attention. Brake fluid mixed with red diesel is another good penetrating fluid but dont get it on the paint or tyres!
  Audi RS4

Heat the bolts up with a blowtorch,then give em a good wrenching.Works everytime.(disclaimer:eek:nly actually seen it twice,on a transit van.Worked though!lol)

Had this trouble with my itr too! Remove the wheel bolts then let the car down off the jack quickly - the shock and weight of the car usually shifts it!