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  clio 197/megane3 250
Hi Gents
has any one fitted a vag DSG gearbox on a F4R ?
if the 02m has been done then I am sure the DSG will as the bolt pattern is the same.
  Renault Clio182 bean
The Bell housing layout is identical to the 02m box as far as it physically fitting. But the electronics on the DSG gearbox are far too complex to just fit it too another car. The cars ECU and the DSG mechatronic and ECU need to communicate, but they wont in standard form. You can buy standalone DSG controller but your talking big £££ to fit it and get it set up, not to mention getting the gear shifter and paddles and wiring to fit properly. Even a standalone car ECU may not support it. > TCU&product=TCM-2600 . Just learn to shift faster ;)
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I was thinking about whether this would be possible a while back, but i think its just to complex, the engine ecu and DSG edu work together, it would be very difficult to fit
  clio 197/megane3 250
Adrenalin Tunning in Germany has a standalone controller that is universal.
I have been chatting to the they say it can be fitted to any car that has drive by wire as in the 182.
  clio 197/megane3 250
Have a look at the they have a Golf doing 9seconds on the quarter mile.
With there controller and a aftermarket engine ECU.


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182 doesn't have drive-by wire, you'd have to use it from a ph1 iirc.
Think by Drive by wire he means - Pedal potentiometer and electronic motor throttle body

not "cable" like the phase 1 , uses essential a bike brake cable for throttle control ........................

Interesting idea though - be nice to see one up and running , only thing with the DSG ive found is its habit to upshift , when on partial throttle when you dont really want it to , but with a programmed Gbox ecu im sure that could be ironed out