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valver alarm wine.......


ClioSport Club Member

i have noticed today that the alarm on my valver wines rather than actually makes a this normal...would anybody know why...

i tried turning the alarm off and turning the siren off...nothing changed...

advice would be great cheers
  Vee dub

Really not sure what that is mate, maybe wiring problem??

You still thinking of upgrading?

i had this wierd whining noise too on my valver. Is that a terrible alarm siren or what? Anyway mine was randomly going off so I have unplugged it now. It seemed to go off when it was a bit wet, maybe if I washed the car or if it rained heavily. Sam
  2004 Racing Blue 182

mine does this also, its when the alarm is triggered, i.e. windows open and wind blows through.

if you find out what it is let me know mate cause its buggin the hell outta me!!!

  megane coupe F7R

My mates was doing that and we couldnt figure out why. It kept flatting is battery. We cut all the wires and took the alarm out but it was still doing it lol.,


ClioSport Club Member

My old valver seemed to have two alarms - both standard.

One which would make the horn beep and one that just seemed to make the squeel or wine from the siron under the scuttle panel?!