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Valver engined willy

  mk2 172

weird idea but anyone ever came accross one? maybe had a blown engine? or more worryingly has anyone got one that doesnt realise it?...............................
  Revels Mum & Sister

And vice versa. Someone with a Willy lump trying to sell as a valver. As not everyone can afford the Willy Insurance.

But that would suck big time.

I bet there is many around. My lacal garage always thought that the willy and the valver had the same engine and thought they where both 2l. They also thought it was only cosmetic changes to the willy to make it special.

If they think like this then if somone came to them will a fecked willy lump they might drop a 16v lump in as they consider them to be the same and its easier to get the 16v lump.

Since working on my car all the time :)@) i think that they have learnt the difference!

  clio 20v

i sold my mates 1.6 205 gti which he had put in a 1.9 engine in it to this lad told him it was a 1.6

he wasnt young but said he wanted a 1.6 cos hed got a few points on his licence in the trader ad it just said it was a 205gti so i let him take it thinkin it was a 1.6, its the same scenario cos the engines look identical in the 205s


Thats wicked.

What happens if he had an accident and they inspected. he would be gutted.

He must have realised pretty soon after as they are quite a bit more powerfull!!
  clio 20v

like i said tho its the same willy/valver scenario but the 1.6 and the 1.9 engines really are identical theres no differance whatsoeva in them

i think the engine data plate was swapped to the new engine so unless they stripped the engine theyd never know

bet that lad that bought it was smoking alsorts in his "1.6" 205 hehe