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valver immobiliser query

hi there i am after some advice on how to activate my immobiliser on my j reg valver.

when i turn the key in the glove box the immobiliser comes on. I am unable to start the car which i guess shows its working and the red light near the steering wheel starts flashing. HOWEVER

when i use the blip key to unlock the doors which should deactivate the immobiliser the red light stays on and the immobiliser is still on?????


do i need to disconnect the battery for a while although i did try this for about 5 minutes. should i disconnect the ecu???????


Dude, pretty sure you have to manually disable it with the little key. Means if your blip key is stolen they still cant drive away without taking that off first, which makes sense I guess!

Its the same with mine.

no that cant be right !!!!!!!! with my old rt the blip key activated and deactivated the immobiliser.