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valver seats issue

For some reason no matter how many times i adjust the seat it keeps making my shoulders bloody ache to buggery, right under the shoulder blades especially the left one!

Anyone have any suggestions or the same problem, my mate who used to have a r5 turbo says it is because of the buckets........


Never had this in my Clio 16v, but then Ive got leather spec, which uses re-trimmed R19 16v seats (as does the Willy).

i dont have a problem with mine, but i had troubles with a company car cos the seat wasnt in straight, it slightly pointed towards the centre of the car, which gave me so much greif i gave it back and drove my own car.

hmm maybe im just being a cripple, but it really is starting to bug me, im 6ft and have the seat up 2 notches from the back, not really sure about the lumber support always mess around with it....

oh well