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Valver @ the downs

  Fiat Coupe 20v turbo

Erm there are big pics then there are these! Im sure they are good pics but Ive given up ....I really should get broadband! lol
  A silver Honda

Quote: Originally posted by Martin. on 13 March 2005
I love the spanking turbines!:D


classy pics, classy valver.
  LY 200

Goods pics and a nice looking valver!!!

Is it lowered at all??? Looks it!!!

I just love valvers!!!:D

thanks for the positive comments :D always nice to hear! i was very lucky with the weather and having just cleaned my car/got my digicam back!

yeah the car is lowered, but the 2nd previous owner lowered it, and the previous owner doesnt know what exactly was done to it. maybe 60mm at the back?

I love the turbines after theyve been cleaned! unfortunately the uni car park prefers them dirty so it doesnt stay like that for long.

Tom - sounds like a plan :cool: lets hope for some decent weather sometime soon! Are there still spaces at the airfield meet in may?
  Vee dub

Si I will send you a pm regarding the airfield day

Neil - good point.......... Si check out the thread in meets and events re WSM meet.. be good to see you and the valver there.
  Vee dub

Quote: Originally posted by Freebone on 14 March 2005

full of good points, the girlfriend knows that

sorry spam


(spamming too) oh and bump for sis valver pics! lol