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car pics in sunshine

  A well built VW

Looks really nice mate , only things i would do is to remove the stickers and instead of a body kit just smooth out the bumpers think that would suit the other mods you have done Angel eyes look real mean

looks sweet but youve got to get rid of that FALKEN sticker.

Id keep the bumpers standard they look good

That looks like a proper good paintjob, you should get some washed pics up too show it off ;) coz you cant really tell when its dirty...

v nice though
  leon cupra R

not a fan of big exhausts like that, could sick my head up there lol

also that sticker has just ruined the looks of your car imo

apart from them its mint

yeah fort the sticker wouldnt go down too well, wasnt too keen on it either, was jus trying something out, gonna have it removed n go back to having a sunstrip, do it later on

does need a clean, gonna do it during the week when im off, give it a wax too

the exhaust is big but its not loud at all, no louder then the k-tec one i had before(which was silenced) was gonna get dual system on there with smaller tailpipes but worried bout access to spare wheel, was finkin of getting the k-tec rear bumper 4 the exhausts but i do like the original bumpers too so as suggested get them smoothed out,wot bout putting a DTM splitter on the front maybe?

thanks 4 the comments peeps

jus an update, sticker removed lol

considering now jus to leave the windscreen clear, havin windows tinted tues so will see after that

paint job is cool, like the work was done to it n love the colour, car gotta go back to bodyshop cos the roof rails that were filled in n the bonnet recess 4 the reno babge have started to crack n show but bodyshop know bout it n weve come to an arrangement bout cost which is cool

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