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Valver vs 1600 Orion

Was out last night just cruising around when some bloke and his bird in a 1.6 Orion wanted to try it on, lol.

So I just followed them round all the roundabouts, twisties, etc, etc they wanted to go down, just hanging off there back and drawing level on the dual carrage way bits, the guy seriously thought he was staying ahead :D

Eventually I got bored, just dropped a cog and shot past them without much effort much to his disaproval, hehe.
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Ha ha, nice one - bet hes at Halfords this morning buying colourcoded airfresheners and carbon fibre interior red
  CTR EK9 turbo

Noiyce, i hope you got a chance to look at his spec list as he cruizd past ya:

Technical Specification.

ENGINE:1597cc 8v MFi,fast road cam,modified airbox,K&N air filter,uprated
injectors,magnex stainless steel 4-branch manifold and 2 box system.
EXTERIOR:90 spec Turbo bumpper with evo cut out,Rear RS bumper
extension,Sapphire Cosworth boot spoiler,sunsrip reading requesting a fly by
(mirrored),Door graphics.
INTERIOR:Colour coded dash,carbon fibre detailing,recaro drivers seat,white
WHEELS,TYRES & SUSPENSION:16" Mondeo Si wheels with Michelin rubber,lowered
-70mm front and -80mm rear.
SECURITY:lots of it!including a fookin dangerous dog!
PERFORMANCE: 130bhp(estimated)
138mph top speed(acheived)

Shes mynt
  320d M Sport

hahah, what a load of sh*t. I dont care what they say re cost and money, we cant all have decent cars etc, u can get a better car than an Orion for the money...

  BMW 320d Sport

lol I always crack up when I look at that sorted orions site. Its just a crime against the internet to put up those pictures of the Fords b*****d son of an Escort. There must be a sorted Belmonts site around somewhere, please someone find it!

We all take the piss out of other peoples rides, whatever we drive ourselves, but doesnt *everyone* take the piss out of Orions, even Nova and XR3i drivers? At least they can claim that their cars are geuinely raced - thats what makes it all the worse when you see an Orion with a MOTORSPORT sunstrip. No Orions ever been near a track or rally stage!

lol.. i had some fool in an 1800 orion try it on a while ago.. his mate even sat there pointing an laughing at my car when we lined up at the lights.. i think his face changed when they went green .. although i was way too far ahead to be able to see.. LOL!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Tonight i had some joker in a Calibra 16v thinking he could have the better of me.A low drag coefficient arent going to help you there my friend!!! I think the word "toast" springs to mind......
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah even Vauxhall fans cane the Calibra, the only thing theyre good for is the engines when theyre put in something else!