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Valver Vs RS2000

My mate picked up his RS2000 on monday and finally got the chance to Race/Drive it last night, and i was very impressed!!!! and a bit dissapointed!!! :(

From what the books say the valver should be quicker but, starting from a standing start up to a tonne, he pulls just in front of me with his back bumper level with my front bumper. His is completely standard, and ive got 17"s, i know they slow you down a little, could it be my wheels or have i got a poorly valver?!?!?!?!?!

They do 0-60 in around 8.2 so i wouldnt be suprised if your 17s account for that. Theyre pretty quick really, probably why they form the base of so many cosworth fakes but they dont handle well from what ive been told.

Well he should be getting 17"s on saturday, so im gonna have to race him again then!!! although i doubt ill do much on the twisties now as ive just had it slammed -60mm hehe, time for work ont he engine i think!!!!!

The last RS2000 was the best handling Escort (not including cossie) by a mile. The std version was dodgy but the RS was very good, ive driven one and it handled great but was too slow. You should still have been a bit faster although ive never been in a Valver:confused:The RS costs a fortune to tune!!

I was expecting to still be in front of him, but i dont know if my valver is running right, i know you get used to the power, but it still dont feel as quick as when i bought it. Hes not really one for tuning, hell prob just do the norm, induction and exhaust and that will be it, but you dont get any gains from that anyway just noise!!
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I would imagine mate that as it is 2.0 would benefit slightly as does the Williams over the Valver. Probably a little bit more low down torque.

May be wrtong but just a thought.

i was always told the RS2000 was in theory.. a cosworth but without a turbo? in anycase that wouldnt stop me from chasing one. i would have thought the RS2000 weighs alot more then the Clio16v... you should be about even.

Yeah from driving the car, it pulls really stongly from low down, really nice and easy to drive, i mean it was really close, i reckon to the tonne there was prob only bout 2 10ths of a second in it, i mean his back bumper was level with my front bumper!

The RS2000 is completely different to s Cossie, as RobFenn say it shares some Sierra history. I think the Running gear is a shortened version of the Cossie sierra 4 X 4. The Cossies were longer than normal escorts but shorter than a Sierra and hand built in Germany.