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valver with leather production figures

Does anybody know roughly? Just out of interest but i noticed that the leather interior on valvers is quite hard to come by?


I dont think even renault know? I know they dont know bout the ABS option. It was just put on cars that were ordered with it but they dont know what cars!

Id have said that its probably about 10% - maybe a bit less. Ive only ever seen two other 16vs with leather.

Both my valvers have had leather. With the first one I had a brochure saying what was extra when the car was bought, the leather being one of the options. Like you have already said, there arent many about but I dont think Renault would be able to give an accurate figure.
  clio 20v

ive got leather too, out of all the cars i went to look at (bout 7 ) only the one i bought had leather

did see a few advertised wen i was lookin though


mine has it aswell,

i looked at four cars,2 phase 1s, a black phase 2 with only 22k on it !

and then i bought mine, the only one with it.

worth it though for the 2 months i was looking !!

Ben yes you are pretty close. Its hard to tell for sure because my first had lots of extras and the original sales reciept only has a total ££ for the extras, how it breaks down I dont know.