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Very Happy

Well I have my new Clio 172 now and I must say I am really happy :). After an evening of blowing away Vectas and the odd Cougar I have settled into the car nicely, found the sunglasses holder and how to use the on board computer even in the dark.

My new baby is black so I havent had a proper look yet but Im sure I wont be disapointed come morning. Im just cursing that I have to go up to Leeds overnight tomorrow night ON THE TRAIN :(. Were going to be seperated already, I cant believe it! Oh well Im sure itll still be here when I get back on Thursday.

I have a couple of problems but I will post about them under another topic heading.

To summerise

Well Chuffed!


Mostly the only thing I say to my new car is

ARRRRRRRGGGGGGG Blooooooooody Hell that was fast!

I have yet to think of a name, the CRX I had before never had a name but the Clio may just deserve one.

I really love this car, it has so many mod cons I feel permanently pampered when Im in it. It turns the radio up if it feels I might have trouble hearing, it kindly tells me exactly how far I can expect to get on my current tank of petrol and it pings musically to me when I get out after giving it a sound thrashing.

Blimey this is a question I will have to ponder.

If you dont mind me asking, what yours called?