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Vibration of Steering Wheel at 40mph+

Hi all,

I seem to have a serious problem with my Clio 172 Mk1 and i cant work out what it is.

When i drive above 40+mph my steering wheel starts to vibrate and jiggle from left to right and gets progressivly worse the quicker i go.

Ive had the Wheels checked and balanced today and it is still as bad as ever.

Im getting quite concerned that i may do some damage to my steering colum or somthing worse.

Has anyone experienced this or heard of anything similar?

Any comments or suggestions would be massively welcomed as im at a total loss.



Could be a dented wheel. Happened to me with my 16v. I bashed it about, put it on the back for a while - and have now sold them!;)
  BMW 320d Sport

I had that same problem when I first swapped my 15s for 18s. Thought it was a loose wheelbolt or a balance or tracking problem but after a couple of times balancing and rebalancing it with no success, I realised that it was the screw that holds the brake disc to the hub! In the original alloys there was a small recess in the back of the wheel mounting face so the head of the disc/hub screw went into the recess. With the new wheels, there was no recess, so however hard you tightened up the wheel bolts, the head of the disc/hub screw stuck out into the wheel mounting face. Because the wheel wasnt flat to the hub, it vibrated really bad over about 40mph and got worse the faster you went.

Dont know whether this is what youve got, but if youve just changed your wheels it could be worth looking at.
  Clio 1.6 16V

Hi Timebomb, You never said in your post if this problem appeared suddenly or if has been getting gradually worse? If the prob appeared suddenly think back if you hit any big pot-holes/kerbs etc.? Have you had the front wheels off recently? If so, perhaps Nick may be closer to the problem. If the disk screw was slack when/if you removed the wheel, crap has got in between the disk and hub throwing the wheel out of true when tightened up? Anyway, as a start, I would be tempted to swap both front wheels to the back and see if the prob disappears. If it does one of your wheel/tyres is off the true. Then switch wheels back one side at a time till problem re-appears. If the problem still continues after swapping both front to rear there is possibly a problem with tracking/geometry/hub alignment at the front as the others suggest. Good luck!

Daniel, its unlikely to be anything to do wit hthe wheels as one would expext it to show up during balancing as this is dynamic.

get the drive shafts and cv joints checked as a matter fo urgency, and the wheel bearings (unlikely though).. tracking would NOT cause this.

sounds like a supspension or drive shaft problem m8 !.

and again, you NEED to get it checked asap !

(sorry, didnt read Nicks post, thats worth checking too, but you would think they would have noticed that whn they took the wheels off and replaced them during balancing.)


i had a similar problem, i took it to ats, they swapped the wheels over (literally) and it was fine.


Kwik fit are furkin muppets.

I took it to my local tyre dealer humpries and they said kwik fit only balanced/weighted the front wheels on the inside.

Humpries re balanced the wheels correctly on both sides and now and have no vibration.

panick over.

Cheers for the advice everyone
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah I was in a big hurry, went to 3 different fast fit places to get those wheels of mine balanced and rebalanced. Only at the 4th did they realise that the screw head was sticking out.

my money would be on WHEEL BEARINGS

any defect in the wheel would come up in the balancing

get ya wheel bearings checked as i imagin thats the source of your problem