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vinal stickers!

  1.6 16v

where do i get the clio sport stickers from i want them in silver and in colour!
also i would like some ph-slow stickers!
  1.6 16v
cool thanks mate! rite before i have some off you mate whats the meaning behind ph-slow? i only wnat them because i think they look good! whats ur prices thn mate?
  172 Cup
Well someone once nicknamed the MK2 ph1 as 'ph-quick', people with lesser models chose to adopt the 'ph-slow' title.
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
christurbo said:
Does anyone know where I can get some motorsport decals from?


Mobil 1

Most things can be custom made but you have to get permission from the trademark holder.
  1.6 16v
yeh i got msn il pm it to you! i want the smaller ones that go in the windows! i aint got side skirts lol!