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Viper Video

Induction Rules, anybody recomend exhaust taken off v6 bumper, going smooth n euro, about to get some 8x 15 powertechs, anyway.

PS Yeah the cams new, in case you wondered!!

Someone explain how to put pictures here, cheers, German Clios rule

Tried to get cams done, but Prima who I use and have faith in, (Neil) there had tech guy, tried in vain for weeks to get a donor engine for cams, to be sent away and reprofiled, they simply didnt have the time or space to have my car liying around in bits, the cams are kent, and evidently give approx 12-18bhp, although never seen any on the rollers. Anyway, cltuches, aftermarket, who makes them and are they any good, mines friedish.

Tim O

Engine Mods: Superchip, on rollers for few hours, fiddling, Viper through fog, De Cat, and backbox at time (V6 style). Crucial part is Racelogic Trac and Launch, means can put power down. Thats it, plus no rear interior or spare wheel, l ran it more or less all day, was with mathew from the forum, when done, one of the many clutch runing drag meets last season at york Dragway. Tim O. Think the runs are on the YDW website somehwere,

Tim O

kent do 172 cams!??

i ws wondering cause i have still not found a decent qulity set. The cams in teh 172 are chillcast and EXTREEMELY tough. They are also hollow andi think only 1 french company is allowed to use the master cam from renault.

otherwise the cam just wont be up to it. and the profile is pretty wild anyway, so an increase in 12bhp from cams alone will lead to a HUGE reduction in torque belowe resonable inlet velocity.
  CTR EK9 turbo

BenR looks like the white car parked on the grass to the right of the blue clios been lowered a bit too much - look how much the doors scraping on the grass :eek:

The racelogic stuff was around 400 fitted that was a long time ago now though, it has launch control for wet and dry and variable slip menaing that you can change the amount of wheel spin that the wheels are alound, 20% being the most, you also obviously have a switch off feature. It is quite handy on 20% on a track to allow the driver to do the work with the safety net of the car not being able to spin its wheels, the car drops a cylinder when it detets wheel spin.

go to

Tim O

Tim - I have spoken to a tuner that has fitted those Kent Cams to their car and unfortunately they didnt get those claimed results.

They saw less than 5 bhp gain.

Colombo & Bariani of italy, Technomap and efjie do 172 cams as well.