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Viva la 172

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Ive just gotten home from a drive. I couldnt sleep and there was nothing on the telly, so I thought why not take the car for a quick spin.

At first I just planned to go for a little sprint up the motorway and then home along the back routes but the plan was not followed.

About 10 minutes into the drive Im passed by a Supra doing about 140ish, so I speed up and follow, and he slows down, so I slow down to the speed limit again, not expecting much from him, when a 4x4 comes past and he pulls out and tucks in behind it. I follow again and now were all doing 160. The 4x4 pulls over and so does the Supra, so I change down to 4th and gun it up to 180, and the supra pulls out behind me and tailgates, so I indicate and pull over to the middle lane and so does he. we stay like this for 500m when he pulls over to take the next turn off, so I slow down again and carry on going to see what else I can find, cos I know he was just playing with me.

I eventually get to the other side of the city and think Im heading home now so I take the next turn-off that I know will lead me home. at the top of the offramp is a set of lights, and 100m down the road in the direction Im travelling, are some flashing police lights, but Ive done nothing wrong, what am I worried about, so the lights go green and I carry on below the speed limit and driving like a proper citizen, but low and behold (as well as knowing my luck), a copper walks into the middle of the road and indicates that I should pull over. I pull over, stop the engine, and open the window. The cop walks up to me, asks for my licence, says Ive got a nice motor, gives it a good looking over, hands back my licence, asks where Im going, then says nice motor one more time and lets me go...oh well no harm done, and I carry on.

Now comes the bit Im chuffed about...:)

At this one set of lights, I pull up next to a 5 series Beemer, look over my right shoulder but the guy is staring straight ahead, so I ignore him, and when the lights turn green, I head off at a slighty accelerated rate but nothing anyone would bother about. Next set of lights, the Beemer pulls up next to me, and the the lights turn green and I shoot off.

Eventually we get to a set of lights which are situated on a reletively straight dual carriage way which is on a slight incline, so that Im facing up the hill.

Mr. Beemer pulls up level with me, the lights turn green, and this time he pulls off slightly faster than I do, so I compensate and keep level. Next thing I hear is his rear tyre losing grip and squealing a little cos he has plastered his foot on the gas, so Im game and do the same. He is about 3/4 of a cars length ahead of me, but as my revs climb I begin to pass him, and this doesnt stop till we get to the top of the incline doing about 160 where Im 3 car lengths ahead of him and there is a bit of a blind bend so I think Ive proven my point and the 172 is a car to be reckoned with:D, and he carries on, but as I thought would happen there is traffic, and I cant really see what model his car is. I evenually catch up to him and hes in a 540i:eek:

I am very impressed with my little Renault Rocket because from everything Ive read, the 540i series of cars doesnt have a 0-62 of more than 7.14 and the faster ones (manual) having a 0-62 of 6.6

So Ive come to the following conclusions.
Either 1. his newish 540i is knackered, but I doubt that from its condition
2. he drives like an idiot
3. my car is pretty quick for a 172
4. my car is modified and I know nothing of it
5. Im a damn good driver.

Im inclined to believe in number 3 :D

good on ya fella!

i had a car with its lovely xenons up my arse for ages tonight, we came up to a speed camera, drop down to 50mph, i knocked it into 3rd, and floored it, i could tell he did too, as his headlights moved up as he accelerated (rear of car bein pushed and stuff) anyway i kept gettin further and furter until the next camera, and same again, third time i went off for a bit, he was further back and i thought he hadgiven up, no such luck as he had decided to make some space then plant it, i noticed as i saw him flyin closer, i punched it down to 4th! as he got about 4 car lengths away, my foot was to the floor, and he stopped gainin we were level until i hit 4.500rpm then i was leavin slowly but surly again!!!!

i let him pass later down the road, he was a young kinda bloke and stuck thumbs up, it was wen he went past i saw the 3.0 badge on the back of the jag stype! or was it a x?? the one that rover built one similar to anyway.

whoopee! makes me feel betta after bein absolutel killed by one of those new lexus coupe sport thingys the other week, i felt gutted till i caught up down the road and he told me it was a V8! Furry muff! made me feel betta!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cool! keep up the good work guys! I drove a 540i auto and they dont hang about, although im sure theyre very heavy - but do push out 286 bhp which is not to be sniffed at. If it had been you driving the 540 im sure the outcome would be a bit different.

I had a race off the lights against an 840 and this was when my car was very new and it was pretty even - i wasnt used to my car etc.

540i only does 0-100 in 17.7s so theres very little in it between a 172, plus if it was an auto you can add at least another few seconds to that time.

Still its a relatively quick car for its size. My GFs dads got a 540i and a Sierra Cossie, but my little Sax is quicker than both of them ;)
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

yeah thats what I was saying:

540i Steptronic 0-62 = 7.14

540i Manual 0-62 = 6.6

Both these time are bette than the 172s

Didnt know the 0-100 of the 540 but seeing that I can say its a case of whoever gets the rubber going first should win which makes me very impressed cos he got 3/4 of a car length ahead before the race really began.

p.s. I love the slight wheelspin in 2nd and almost in third. Didnt know that was possible with 205/45/16" tyres.