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VM/Network question: VM internet access via hotspot?


ClioSport Club Member
Say I have a PC connected to the internet via traditional WiFi in my home. On the PC, I want to run a VM, but I want it to connect to the internet via a different connection than my local machine, so that the local machine and the VM both have different public IP addresses. Using a VPN is not an option.

Is this possible?

I'm currently using my Macbook as my local machine and another HP laptop that I'm tethering to a hotspot, and I'd like to get rid of using the HP laptop if possible and effectively have it be in a VM, but it has to have a different public IP to my Macbook.

I can't just RDP/Teamviewer etc to the HP as it would use up too much data, as I'm tethering from a phone using those 50GB Three SIMs that I replace each time it runs out, and I want to do this as cheaply as possible.

Any ideas?
Does it need to be public IP? Does your ISP offer you multiple public facing IPs?

Depending on what you're running on the HP/VM can't you just assign an internal IP address and use some form of port forwarding from the external side?


ClioSport Club Member
Can’t you buy yourself a cheap USB wireless adapter and pass that through to the VM? Then join the hotspot directly in the VM itself.

Or rather than tether and hotspot maybe a USB adapter for a data sim and pass that through to the VM itself and cut out the whole tethering part of it.

Also if you provide the reason for needing a different public IP then perhaps we can give you an overall better solution?